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  • Transmissions From Cartoon Crossroads Columbus 2018

    Transmissions From Cartoon Crossroads Columbus 2018

    Cartoon Crossroads Columbus (CXC)  is a relatively close show; a day’s drive from where I live and you’re in the bustling center of Ohio, ready to hit the town. CXC isn’t exactly local, but it’s not a plane ride, if you can drive and hate yourself enough to spend hours of your life stuck on […]

  • Close the Curtains: Transmissions from Genghis Con 2017

    Close the Curtains: Transmissions from Genghis Con 2017

    I’m recently back from Genghis Con, which is up in Cleveland Ohio. This is a small, independent alt comics show I get to go to every other year or so. The exhibitors mostly felt young and new. I didn’t recognize hardly any of the folks in the room, although a few familiar faces (Patrick Lay, […]

  • The Family You Choose: Thoughts on SPX 2017

    The Family You Choose: Thoughts on SPX 2017

    I’ve just returned home from SPX 2017. The show was, by all accounts, a raucous affair. Large crowds both days, the swelter of the crowd fighting against the blasting Marriott A/C. It was particularly hot and muggy all weekend, which has been my experience of SPX both of the times I’ve been. I mentioned this […]

  • To Be Known, If Only for a Moment: Thoughts on Cartoon Crossroads Columbus 2016

    This weekend was Cartoon Crossroads Columbus (CXC). This year represented the show’s first major expansion as it continues to grow.  There was an academic conference on Thursday and Friday, with events throughout the end of the week; the CXC Expo and Marketplace happenedSaturday and Sunday this year, and I was fortunate enough to attend bothweekend days.  It sounds […]

  • Transmissions from: SPX 2015

    It’s a week out from SPX 2015 and I’ve had a chance to compile my thoughts from last weekend’s show. Overall, I had a wonderful time, probably the best time I’ve had at a comics show yet. Having a majority of the people you are interacting with staying at the same place is pretty unique […]

  • Transmissions: Reflecting on Genghis Con

    Genghis Con was two Sundays ago, the weekend after black Friday. I spent a lot of money on books, had a great time, and over the course of the Sunday show and the Monday Brainstorm Lecture I met a lot of great people in person for the first time.  Thanks genghisconcleveland for a great show. […]

  • Transmissions from: TCAF 2014

    This was my first TCAF. It was the big promise I made to myself earlier this year when the indie comics crowd started rumbling. I was hooked when I read con reports of TCAF 2013, but hadn’t admitted it to myself. I drove in from Cleveland. It was about 4.5 hours + 2 hours sitting […]

  • Transmissions from: SPACE 2014

    Being more involved in comics means actually going to conventions. This year, a buddy of mine and I decided to hit up SPACE in Columbus Ohio. Sadly, I did not have the presence of mind to bring a camera or take pictures with my phone. We met up Sunday morning at the Ramada Hotel. It’s […]