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  • Review: Blammo #9 by Noah Van Sciver

    Review: Blammo #9 by Noah Van Sciver

    I’ve been reviewing Van Sciver’s work for a while now. His “A Lizard Laughed,” now collected in Disquiet, was one of my first reviews published on this platform. I’ve been following Van Sciver’s comics very closely since 2013, and one of the great joys of being a “long-time” reader is to see an artist advance. It’s […]

  • Comics That Challenged Me In 2015: Part 3

    New week, new installment. The list is going to run into next week because I added another 10 books compared to 2014’s list. Hopefully you’ve checked out the other installments already posted. Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Complete List BORB by Jason […]

  • Review: Saint Cole by Noah Van Sciver No singular artist captures the dysphoria of modern blue collar life like Noah Van Sciver. His latest book, Saint Cole, is 116 pages of black and white comics about a guy named Joe working as a server at a pizza chain. Joe is stuck in a service industry […]

  • Review: The Lizard Laughed, by Noah Van Sciver (I’m recovering from TCAF, which was this weekend. I got plenty of great comics, but I haven’t had any time to read them yet, so this review is from work I read prior to the show. It was great to meet so many talented artists and publishers!) […]