Linkblogging #2

Happy Monday!

Linkblogging is a monthly “go look” feature on Sequential State that I’m using to feature fun comic things around the internet. There is a lot of great stuff to look at on the internet. The stuff featured is just the stuff I’ve been looking at lately. If I missed your thing, send me a message!



You’ve got a little less than 10 days to get your copy of Locus Moon Press’ Winsor McCay Little Nemo in Slumberland tribute book, Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream. The contributor list is a who’s who of comics creators, including Gabriel Bá and Fabio Moon, Peter Bagge, Farel Dalrymple, Paul Pope, Nate Powell, Craig Thompson, and many more people.  Getting a copy of the book itself is going to set you back a cool Benjamin, so this project may be a little rich for some tastes, especially since despite the book’s size you’re only getting 144 pages of comics.

Roman Muradov (tumblr: bluebed) a celebrated illustrator and comics creator, has a Kickstarter running for his latest zine, Yellow Zine #5; it should debut at SPX this year along with his book (In A Sense) Lost & Found.

Read this thing:

I featured this book on my alt-blog, but here’s some updated linkage for you – The SCIBA-sweeping all-ages comic Dungeon Fun #1 is available for free on Gumroad for a short time.

 Chris Schweizer’s recently posted holy grail of DIY comics creation.

 Lamar Abram’s funny/cute Sonic the Hedgehog (kinda) comic.



Breakdown Press (tumblr: breakdownpress) has recently announced a new alt and indie comics festival in the UK, Safari Festival. Featured exhibitors currently on the list for a late August show date include Breakdown Press, Space Face Books, Jazz Dad Books, Famicon Express, and more. Check out the show’s tumblr page (tumblr: safarifestival) for more information.

Zainab at Comics and Cola has a lovely review of Luke Pearson’s Hilda and the Black Hound. Comics and Cola also now has a new facebook page.

Sonatina Comics (tumblr: sonatinacomics) has two preorders up right now – one for Sam Alden’s ‘Screentime June/July’ and A. Degen’s ‘Junior Detective Files.’


Until July 31st, you can join Smaller Comics “Minicomic of the Month Club,” for $40 AUD anywhere in the world and get a new minicomic in your mailbox every month.

Speaking of subscription plans for comics, Cardboard Press’ limited Summer 2014 subscription sold out pretty quickly. Subscriptions are a huge part of the way smaller comics presses are generating buzz and guaranteed sales for their work. I’m not sure how many of these things a person can be hooked into before they lose their stomach for the concept, but we aren’t at market saturation yet.


A redesign of Batgirl has taken the tumblr crowd by storm. Babs Tarr (tumblr: babsdraws) did the art and it is a great redesign, and a sign that DC’s previous creative attitude towards women might be changing, if only ever so slowly.

Oh, and keep an eye on sequential-alt, a smaller second half of this MWF blog. I do my reblogging and small post stuff over there. The two blogs together make up a better picture of what I’m up to and interested in.

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