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  • Quick Picks #10 – mini kuš! #63-66

    Quick Picks #10 – mini kuš! #63-66

    Quick Picks is an occasionally written series of microreviews of books I’ve read over the past two weeks. The latest batch of mini kuš comics came in the mail earlier this week, and as always it’s an interesting set. mini kuš #63 – Nausea by Abraham Díaz The first, most noticable quality of Díaz’s comic is how messy […]

  • Comics That Challenged Me in 2016: Part 1 (of 6)

    It’s been an annual tradition (for 3 years running) that I have not written a “Best Comics Of 20XX” list. I think that decision continues to be a good one for me. I generally dislike the idea that any one book can be the consensus pick of any given year when there is so much art being made. […]

  • Review: End of a Fence by Roman Muradov End of a Fence is a pair of firsts; it is @kushkomikss‘ first book in the kuš! mono series, a longform work from a publisher that has traditionally focused on its international comics anthology s! and its mini kuš! comics. It’s also the first fully digital work of […]

  • Linkblogging #2

    Happy Monday! Linkblogging is a monthly “go look” feature on Sequential State that I’m using to feature fun comic things around the internet. There is a lot of great stuff to look at on the internet. The stuff featured is just the stuff I’ve been looking at lately. If I missed your thing, send me […]