Hey there! If you’re a fan of Sequential State, I want to take a little time today to point you towards 2dcloud’s ongoing Kickstarter project.

I back a lot of Kickstarter projects, and I generally don’t talk about them too much on Sequential State. I’m making an exception for a recent campaign because @2dcloud is about halfway into their campaign to fund their Winter line of books, and at the time of this writing the campaign is just over 37% funded. The trendline at the moment looks like they won’t reach their final goal.

With the recent announcement that Sparkplug Books is going to be closing down, I think that now is an especially integral time to support small press publishers. It’s hard work, long hours, and there’s a lot of risk involved.

If you like interesting comics, I think you should check out this Kickstarter. A lot of the comics from their Fall Season made it onto my end of the year list, and I think that says something about the quality and vision that the publisher is trying to bring to life. 

At the $39 print tier, you are getting $86 worth of comics. For $9, you get digital copies of all the books they’re printing. Either way you look at it, those prices are a steal, and when you support 2dcloud you are supporting a lot of talented artists.

Here’s the link to check out the Kickstarter campaign. I hope you’ll check it out and get yourself some books!

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