Spreads: Fütchi Perf
by Kevin Czap

I recently received my copy of Kevin Czap’s new book, Fütchi Perf. I
can’t be an unbiased reviewer of this book (I wrote a pull quote for the Czap Books webpage) and I won’t be writing a full review for

Fütchi Perf. But I think that you, dear reader, will appreciate the
loveliness of this book, so I’ve taken some pictures that I think capture the
comic’s intensity.

Here’s what I wrote for the the Czap Books website: “Fütchi Perf resonates with a compelling earnestness and the
energy of urban Cleveland life. With comics that are lyrical and full of heart,
Czap delivers a singular vision of a future worth changing for.”

I think Fütchi Perf blends three things really well; It
manages to have a real sense of place (something I don’t see a lot in comics),
a lyrical/poetic nature that is expressed in both word and image (and most
importantly, I think, in intention), and an
essential joie de vivre. There’s a complex humanity to Fütchi Perf,
something that is easy to lose sight of in speculative fiction. I sense that Kevin
spent a lot of time thinking about the people portrayed in each of these stories,
and it feels true to me.

When I first read Lyric Sheet (one of the singles from the
collection) nine months ago, I told Kevin that I thought it was full of heart.
I think that this collection reinforces my original reaction.

I encourage you all to check out the comic; if you are
buying a comic on the internet in the next 90 days, make it this one. Czap is selling physical copies at the Czap Books website, SPX and other fall comics shows, as well as digital copies at Gumroad. 

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