Kickstarter Feature: 2dcloud’s Summer 2017 Collection

One of the things I love about the small press comics scene is its vibrancy. There are so many vital cartoonists making work that is mind-altering and life changing. I’ve read and reviewed books this year that have made my head spin. I’ve read comics that have changed the way I think, comics that have left me exuberant and other that have left me broken. And it’s great that there’s a lot of really exciting work out there – but not many publishers who are willing to take a chance on that work.

2dcloud is one of the few small publishers that takes big risks.

2dcloud has been doing Kickstarter campaigns to get collections published. This latest collection is one that I’m really excited about, and I think it’s worth your time. I’ve backed every one of 2dcloud’s Kickstarter collections, and I’ve always been impressed with their strength and daring.

2dcloud is currently kickstarting their Summer collection, which consists of:

3 books

— Architecture of an Atom by Juliacks
— Retreat by Jaakko Pallasvuo
— Lost in the Fun Zone by Leif Goldberg

2 zines

— Kindling by Xia Gordon
— Altcomics Magazine 6 cover by Kyung Me

Normally, I’d interview the publisher or one of the artists associated with the campaign, but time isn’t really on their side right now. I don’t know that 2dcloud has the luxury for me to work that out, so I’m sending this to print without their input or knowledge. They need some help in the last week of their campaign to get to 100% funded. You can help them out on Kickstarter. The whole collection is $50, which is an insanely low price. Help them get this collection off the ground so they can continue to publish work that challenges and inspires.

You can read reviews of 2dcloud comics I’ve written here. You can also find out more about 2dcloud at their website.

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