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  • Comics That Challenged Me In 2015: Part 3

    New week, new installment. The list is going to run into next week because I added another 10 books compared to 2014’s list. Hopefully you’ve checked out the other installments already posted. Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Complete List BORB by Jason […]

  • Review: Lovers Only #1 by Cathy G. Johnson, Mickey Zacchilli, and Sophia Foster-Dimino The Toronto Comics Arts Festival (TCAF) is thoroughly in the books at this point, and after two weeks of vacation & work-inflicted internet exile, I’m finally digging into some of the books I got at TCAF. Last year I wrote a show […]

  • Comics That Challenged Me in 2014: Part 1

    It’s December which means it’s time for anyone writing about comics to put together their “2014 Best Of” list. I’ve been thinking about the idea of crafting a best of list and what that means in a diverse and content rich medium like comics. The word “best” implies a finality even if the writer only […]

  • Some Thoughts on Believed Behavior #2

    Publishing as an industry is at a crossroads. While ink on paper still dominates comics in terms of content purchased, digital comics are taking a more and more prominent place in core reading. The 00’s gave us free to read digital comics that were readily accessible for the first time in the form of webcomics, […]