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  • Comics That Challenged Me in 2018: Part 2

    Comics That Challenged Me in 2018: Part 2

    We’re back today with the second of four posts of the Comics That Challenged Me in 2018. What were your thoughts about the first five books? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments or over on Twitter. The first part of the list had some fantastic books, and so does the second. Let’s […]

  • Review: Qoberious #1, by DRT

    Review: Qoberious #1, by DRT

    I’ve been holding on to Qoberious #1 since earlier this year, trying figure out what to make of it. The book came essentially out of nowhere fully formed, which defies my general expectations of comics-making. When a cartoonist publishes a graphic novel, especially when it’s a first graphic novel, there is often proceeding material, either […]