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  • Thoughts on The Greek Chorus and Circular Storytelling of Lulu Anew by Étienne Davodeau

    I recently finished up reading a stack of newish NBM books. I was surprised by Lulu Anew, a 2008-2010 French comic by Étienne Davodeau that NBM translated and published under their ComicsLit line in 2015. In Lulu Anew, the main character Lulu walks away from an unsuccessful interview and an unhappy marriage and into the […]

  • Review: Girl in Dior by Annie Goetzinger

    Review: Girl in Dior by Annie Goetzinger

    Girl in Dior was one of NBM Publishing’s Spring 2015 releases. Published in France by Dargaud in 2013 as Jeune Fille en Dior, the book inserts a fictional newspaper reporter turned model into the world of Christian Dior, the famous French designer who took the world by storm in the late 1940s and into the […]

  • Musings: Beauty by Hubert and Kerascoët It is hard to thoroughly discuss any work with any brevity. Often times a critic’s thoughts and ideas about a specific piece must be abandoned due to word counts. I admit I do this regularly – instead of bringing up all of the thoughts I have about a piece, I tend […]