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  • Review: The Train by Chihoi / Hung Hung

    Review: The Train by Chihoi / Hung Hung

    In 2014, Conundrum Press, through their Conundrum International line, printed The Train, a collaborative comic based on Taiwanese poet Hung Hung’s award-winning serialized short fiction Wooden Horses. Originally published in 1998, this story was later adapted into a graphic novel in 2007 by Hong Kong-based artist Chihoi. Unlike many comics adaptations, in The Train, the comic and the […]

  • Comics That Challenged Me in 2016: Part 1 (of 6)

    It’s been an annual tradition (for 3 years running) that I have not written a “Best Comics Of 20XX” list. I think that decision continues to be a good one for me. I generally dislike the idea that any one book can be the consensus pick of any given year when there is so much art being made. […]

  • Comics That Challenged Me in 2015: Part 4

    Happy Wednesday. Hope you’re having a wonderful new year. I don’t generally make too much fuss about a new year, but this year I wanted to try to resolve to write a little bit more frequently. Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Complete […]

  • Looking Forward: April Releases, Yeti Press and Sparkplug Books Announce 2015 Publishing Slates

    MoCCA Comics Fest is just around the corner, and some small presses have begun to send out their plans for this year’s publishing slate.  Two books I’m excited about from two different Canadian presses – Koyama Press’ koyamapress​ Mighty Star and the Castle of the Cancatervater from A Degen adactivity​ and Towerkind from Kat Verhoeven […]