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  • Review: Pope Hats #6: Shapeshifter by Hartley Lin

    Review: Pope Hats #6: Shapeshifter by Hartley Lin

    AdHouse Books has been publishing Pope Hats for nearly a decade. The series has been critically lauded, and a new issue is often the cause for celebration. The last few years have been revelatory for the series and its creator. With the publication of Young Frances (a collection of issues #1-3 and #5 of Pope […]

  • Thoughts on Josh Cotter’s Skyscrapers of the Midwest Cotter’s most recent project is Nod Away, the first of what is expected to be a many-volume series. I picked up Skyscrapers of the Midwest and Driven by Lemons as an introduction to his work, prior to reading Nod Away. The collection is a dense hardcover with […]

  • Review: The Oven by Sophie Goldstein  The Oven is a book I’ve written about briefly in the past – starting out as a serialized black and white comic in the Maple Key anthology, it was published earlier this year by AdHouse as a 2 tone black, white, and orange perfect bound book with orange gilding. […]

  • Review: UR by Eric Haven I try as much as possible to keep up with Ad House Books; Chris Pitzer has a good eye for comics, publishing last year’s Noah Van Sciver book and Operation Margarine from Katie Skelly. Published in October of 2014, UR is 48 pages of full color short stories from Eric […]

  • Looking Forward: Sophie Goldstein’s The Oven Collected by AdHouse

    Sophie Goldstein’s work has been on and off my radar over the past year – I still haven’t grabbed a copy of her Ignatz-winning  House of Women, Part 1, but her comic The Good Wife caught my attention early last year with its over-saturated colors and its biting, brilliant uncomfortableness.  The Oven is a 6 chapter sci-fi […]

  • Review: Operation Margarine My first experience with Katie Skelly and her work was at the Contemporary Erotic Comics panel at TCAF 2014; Operation Margarine was a book that was on my radar for the show, but Skelly had already run out of copies by the end of the first day – a happy occurrence for […]